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We Supply as Well as  Manufacture

Industrial Gearbox Repairs

Bearing failure, misalignment, metal fatigue, insufficient lubrication along with poor lubrication and general preventative maintenance are the most common causes identified whenever disassembling faulty transmissions and assessing reasons behind unexpected transmission failures. Understanding these underlying principles enable us to efficiently detect and correct these problems by utilizing our blank machining and gear cutting capabilities.

Locally manufacturing replacement gears and other essential components for the repair reduces downtime and eliminates the need for costly imported components. We are able to manufacture and replace Industrial sprockets, girth gears, spur gears, single or double helical, bevels, crown wheel and pinions, worms, internal and external splines.

Replacement materials and hardening specifications are carefully considered and selected for each application increasing long term wear resistance and greatly reducing any risk of future short term failure. All manufactured to the highest standards and specifications from drawings or samples reverse engineered and interfaced by highly experienced and qualified individuals.

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