On-Site Line Boring

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  • Whatever the task at hand, we focus on maintaining quality, accuracy and efficiency throughout the entire operation.
  • Whenever plant equipment needs attention it’s usually the downtime challenges that need to be urgently addressed.
  • Our professional team have all the necessary skills and equipment to efficiently and effectively repair weld and re-machine the worn bore diameters on your premises in order to reclaim them back to their original specifications.
  • We also sell Line Boring Machinery. Please feel free to send us an inquiry.

What is a Line Boring Machine?

A line boring machine is used for enlarging a hole that has already been drilled or cast, using one or more cutting tools held within a boring head. In doing so, the operation achieves greater accuracy of the hole diameter.

Common Applications

Line boring machines are used on a wide range of various projects, with some common examples  including:

  • A-frame supports
  • Hinge pins
  • Gearboxes
  • Excavator buckets
  • Transfer gearbox housings
  • Stern tubes and rudder bores in the shipbuilding industry
  • Drive shaft housing boring
  • Turbine casings in the power generation industry

In addition to machining parallel bores, line boring machines can also be used for machining the outside face of the work piece suing a facing head or fro tapering holes.

What Bore Sizes can they Machine?

  • The larger carriage feed type of machine is suitable for job sizes from 6” up to 80” diameter.
  • The bar feed type of Line Boring Machine, such as the LB3060 is capable of machining bores as small as of 1.5” and up to 24”

Power options

Most line boring machines can be hydraulically powered, but many others can also be pneumatic or electrically powered.

Feed Rates

These are normally infinitely variable from 0-25mm per minute and a hand feed revolution of 2mm

What Makes a Good Portable Line Boring Machine?

They should produce workshop quality tolerances on site, they must be quick and easy set up yet be robust in design and construction. Some machines such as the LB100 & LB150 incorporate a hollow boring bar which allows laser alignment.

Laser Alignment is possible if the line boring machine incorporates a hollow bar.

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