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We Supply as Well as  Manufacture

Xact Engineering

Established as a family business in 2005, Xact Engineering started out as a general and precision manufacturing enterprise mostly servicing the construction industry. We have a national and global footprint. Among others, our local manufacture and mechanical repair workshop capabilities include but are not limited to the following;

***Please note, we do not sell any CNC or Line Boring machines***

We Specialize in the following Areas:

Faced with the need for construction machinery repairs to be undertaken on site our services were required for site work. Adapting and rising to the challenges enabled us to become more innovative. We have a skillful and competent line boring site repair team equipped with the use of modern and portable welding/line boring equipment to efficiently reclaim worn equipment. Our on site and in house servicing capabilities have since extended to power stations, mining, agriculture, marine, as well as pharmaceutical, food and beverage etc.

We at Xact Engineering are totally committed to the successful completion of every project undertaken thus minimizing costly unwanted down time. Unfulfilled obligations and failure to deliver on promises have created so much uncertainty. We at Xact Engineering would like to be remembered in a positive way and strive to be ethical in our business affairs and service orientated. We refuse not commit to tasks which are achievable or deadlines unattainable. Even at the cost of losing business.

The bigger picture for us is to preserve our reputation as a reliable supplier in a highly competitive market place and leave a lasting impression.